Not Taking Any Chances It’s been asked for a long time: Is matched betting a safe and legal way to make money?

The internet is rife with get rich quick schemes and detailed guides promising to show anybody how to “make free money online.”

Be wary; there is no such thing as “free money,” and if someone tries to convince you otherwise, they are either mistaken or dishonest. Someone attempting to convince you differently is either mistaken or dishonest.

It’s often believed that matched betting holds the secret to the type of financial success you’ve only dreamed about. Is it, therefore, totally made up?

“No” is the right answer. Matching bets is a viable way to make money online by taking advantage of free bet bonuses provided by various Live Betting sportsbooks. However, success calls for perseverance, attention to detail, and a substantial time investment.

When people talk about “matching betting,” what do they mean exactly?

The bettor has zero risk with this strategy. You can be sure of the outcome and it is neither gambling or sports betting in the traditional sense since you have removed all elements of chance from the calculation.

Since you are constantly placing equal wagers on both outcomes, you don’t need to have any expertise in sports betting or handicapping to make money with matched betting. As opposed to “winning” a bet in the traditional sense, your goal here should be to increase the odds that your free bet offer will be taken advantage of.

Matched betting is a kind of hedging in which you only risk your money on one of two possible outcomes. The sportsbook’s funds may be used to hedge your bets and keep your investment safe (in the form of a free bet).

Matching Bets: A Tutorial

The following paragraphs give a high-level overview of how to get started with matched betting. Most online sportsbooks tie the release of free bets to meeting a rollover requirement, so you’ll need to spend your own money to make a qualifying bet before you can use theirs. Don’t forget that your investment is completely safe from any kind of loss. Simply having enough cash on hand will “unlock” or “qualify” you for the free bet.

To start using your free bet, you must place a qualifying bet.

Look for an online sportsbook that is giving out free bets, and then create an account with that sportsbook’s website.

Pick a bet that meets the rollover requirements of the sportsbook you’re using to “unlock” your free bet. If a sportsbook requires a $100 stake prior to releasing a $100 free bet, you should risk the whole amount on a moneyline if you can only win or lose by picking one of the two outcomes. Stay away from futures bets on championships, horse racing, and three-way moneylines.

You may “lay” your initial wager at the same odds by finding the identical event on a betting exchange. To put it another way, if you placed a bet at a sportsbook on one result and lost, you should put the same amount of money on the other outcome.